Termination of Servitude


The Supreme Court of the Czech Republic has recently issued a judgement (Reference Number 22 Cdo 3732/2014) in which it expressed its opinion to the termination of a servitude because of the change of conditions that was caused by the owner of the servient land.

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Technical Standards in the Building Industry


Any technical standards (ČSN, ČSN EN) which are legally binding on the basis of Act No. 186/2006 Coll., Building Code or other legal acts that are implementing the Building Code  (so-called technical standards in the building industry) shall be publicly available free of charge according to the Building Code. This was also recently confirmed by Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic (decision as of 28th May 2015, Reference Number: 1 As 162/2014-63).

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Remuneration and the Agreement to Perform Work


The Supreme Court of the Czech Republic issued a judgement as of 14.05.2015, Reference Number 21 Cdo 918/2014, in which it expressed its opinion to the absence of stipulation of the amount of remuneration in the agreement to perform work. 

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Act on Employee Accident Insurance Abrogated


The Parliament of the Czech Republic has abrogated Act No. 266/2006 Coll., on Employee Accident Insurance. This act was already enacted in 2006 but has never come into force. It was intended that pursuant to this act occupational accidents and occupational diseases would be indemnified on the basis of accident insurance. 

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Change of Minimal Wage


The Government of the Czech Republic has enacted a regulation that changes the regulation No. 567/2006 Coll., on the minimum wage.

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