Baroch Sobota

"The Client First” is the principle, on the basis of which our office founded its existence. For us the client is always thought of first. We look for solutions which are beneficial for our client, obviously exclusively within the legal framework. We proceed from the many-year experience of our lawyers in providing legal services for domestic and foreign clientele. Our knowledge and skills are a guarantee of the expertise and quality of the provided consultancy, which is also supported by our office being accepted into the international association of independent law firms Warwick Legal Network in 2012. Thanks to our membership in this association we are able to provide clients with services not only in the Czech Republic but also in a number of foreign jurisdictions, so clients can receive their services in one place and then delegate the entire communication regarding their business matters abroad to us. This relates not only to legal matters, but also tax and accounting issues, because we do know that even the ideal legal solution is of no significance to the client, if it creates a tax problem for him. We obviously co-operate with external tax advisers, auditors and accounting experts. The legal solutions proposed by us always take into consideration tax and accounting aspects.

Therefore, we are able to render not only standard legal services as other offices, but to provide something extra. Thanks to our administration of corporate matters a client need not worry as to whether his company complies with statutory obligations. We assist the client in matters ranging from the foundation of the company to its dissolution and liquidation. If a client wishes to buy or sell a property or subsequently have his assets managed, then our office is the right place for him. We could go on and on like this. We dare to say that we are able to arrange for our clients comprehensive legal services from assistance in normal business activities to dealing with very specific legal issues. Just contact our office or anyone from our team.

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Our law firm as is as a member firm of Warwick Legal Network pleased that this international association is listed as a leading network in Legal 500.

Legal 500 is the leading publisher of analysis on law firms across the world.  

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Restitution of land that was expropriated before 1989


The process initiated after 1989 of the return of land that was expropriated before 1989 has been still not completed in the Czech Republic. In 2016, a law was passed, which should from 01.07.2018 restrict the return only to monetary compensation and close it by 2028 completely. However, the Constitutional Court has repealed this law. The relevant legislation remains unchanged. The rule "return before compensation" has still to be applied unlimited.

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Third amendment of the Civil Code


From July 1, 2018, the third amendment of the "new" Civil Code of 2012 came into force. This amendment implements the new EU Directive 2015/2302 and modifies the Sections 2521 to 2549 of the new Civil Code concerning travel services. The new regulation is not a revolution in the previous rules, but rather its modernization and improvement of its wording. The purpose of the regulation is still the protection of clients of travel agents.

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