Revocation of a manager


If an employee represents a managerial position in accordance with §73 section 3 of the Labor Code, he may agree with the employee in accordance with §73 section 2 of the Labor Code, that the employer will have the right to revoke him from this executive position or that the employee can give up on this executive position on himself.

The Supreme Court has stated in its decision No. 21 Cdo 1073/2017, that it is possible to expand or narrow the group of persons listed in §73 section 3 of the Labor Code. The

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Wage compensation in case of illness of an employee


The amendment of the Labor Code, which will come into force on the 1st July 2019, will abolish the three day “exclusion period” in which employees have not been compensated for their wages in the event of temporary incapacity for work (,,illness”). Now, from the first to the fourteenth day of illness, employees will receive 60 percent of their daily assessment base.

The health insurance scheme from the 15th day of illness remains unchanged.

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Share in a housing cooperative


The Supreme Court ruled in its judgement No. 27 Cdo 51678/2017 of March 2018 in a case concerning the determination of the settlement share of a housing cooperative.

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Shareholder Agreements


The association Warwick Legal Network has published a book about the shareholders agreement. It deals with the comparison of the legislation of the shareholders agreement in 17. different states. The book is a result of the collaboration between the members of the Warwick Legal Network, to which our law firm has contributed as a representative of the Czech Republic.

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Matrimonial property regimes after the 29.1.2018


After the 29.1.2019, the new Regulation (EU) 2016/1103 matrimonial property regimes will enter into force. Until now, international law on matrimonial property right were dyed by Law. No. 91/2012, International Private Law. A novelty, which in our previous legal situation existed only with a contractually agreed matrimonial situation, is the applicable law. Another novelty is the so-called unity of matrimonial property law, which gives us the advantage that the applicable law applies to all property, no matter where it is located. Both novelties refer to decisions made from January 29. 2019.

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Register of the actual owners of legal entities


A big novelty in this area is the directive number 2018/43 of the European Parliament and Council, which amends the fourth money laundering directive. Under this directive, member states must grant access to the information on actual owners through the central register to the public by the 10th January 2020. In addition, the central registers of the Member States should be connected together until 10th March 2021.

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Conference of WLN – Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


Another conference of Warwick Legal Network (WLN) took part from September 20st until September 22nd 2018. This time the conference was hosted by Morningstar Law Group in the city Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Our office as member firm of WLN was at the conference represented by partner of the office Mrs. Andrea Krásná.

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Liability of the real estate office for void contract


The Czech Supreme Court decided in its judgment of 28.06.2018, No. 25 Cdo 5007/2016, the question of whether a real estate office can be held liable for nullity of a contract, which was prepared by the lawyer of the real estate office. According to the Supreme Court the real estate office is liable in such case. In the present case, the claimant was the buyer who did not conclude an agreement with the real estate office (but with the seller). Nevertheless, the real estate office is also responsible to the b

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Our law firm as is as a member firm of Warwick Legal Network pleased that this international association is listed as a leading network in Legal 500.

Legal 500 is the leading publisher of analysis on law firms across the world.  

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Restitution of land that was expropriated before 1989


The process initiated after 1989 of the return of land that was expropriated before 1989 has been still not completed in the Czech Republic. In 2016, a law was passed, which should from 01.07.2018 restrict the return only to monetary compensation and close it by 2028 completely. However, the Constitutional Court has repealed this law. The relevant legislation remains unchanged. The rule "return before compensation" has still to be applied unlimited.

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