The tenth annual report by the International Bar Association Global Employment Institute (IBA GEI).


The Annual Global Report (AGR) is an annual report prepared by the IBA Global Employment Institute (GEI) highlighting specific general international trends in human resources law.

This is the tenth AGR and is based on responses from lawyers in 55 countries:

Lawyers from 55 countries were asked to respond to the questionnaire. The questions were designed to cover the most relevant issues relating to employment, industrial relations

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“How to liquidate a limited liability company in…” A Practical Guide.


Our office contributed to a new guide created by the WLN Corporate M&A Focus Group.

 Publications on a variety of legal measures | Warwick legal

This practical guide provides a general overlook into the main legal and administrative aspects regarding the liquidation of a limited liability company in different countries worldwide.

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“Launching” of electronically concluded contracts in the Czech labour law


Despite the general trends Czech labour law has been resisting to the praxis of electronic legal acting. It is especially because of its protecting function and at the same time strict regulation relating to the delivering of important labor-law documents. On the other hand, the legal protection given by the Labour Code cannot be counter-productive for both, the employer as well as the employee.


On April 27, 2022, the Supreme Court issued judgment (file No. 21 Cdo 2061/2021) solving issue whether an agr

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Remote working


Key considerations for Germany when employees are working from abroad

Article that has been written by Dr. Matthias Hinz at Warwick Legal Network member firm ebl esch & kramer in Düsseldorf.

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“How to incorporate a limited liability company in... A Practical Guide”


We contributed to this guide, which has been created by the WLN Corporate M&A Focus Group and currently includes guides from 16 different countries.

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Amendment to the Employment Act - Czech "short-time working" allowance


On 1 July 2021, an amendment to the Employment Act came into effect introducing new institute of the so-called "short-time working" allowance. This is intended to be anti-crisis measure – kind of benefit for situations when it is necessary to support keeping of jobs whose preserving is exposed to external factors. Providing of this support requires its activation based on issuing of governmental order. The reasons for issuing of such a governmental order may be of an economic nature, or may arise due to a n

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Surrogate Maintenance Act


On 1 July 2021, Act No. 588/2020 Coll., the Surrogate Maintenance Act for dependent child came into effect.

The purpose of this act is help to single parents and their dependent children who do not receive a set amount of maintenance from the other parent or from the person who has a maintenance obligation to the dependent child. Surrogate maintenance is a kind of social benefit provided by the state. The amount of surrogate maintenance will be limited to the maximum of CZK 3.000,- monthly. In general, how

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The Amendment to the Trade Licensing Act within the Measures against the Legalization of Proceeds from Crime and Terrorist Financing


On 1 January 2021, the Act No. 527/2020 Coll., amending the Act No. 253/2008 Coll., on Certain Measures against the Legalization of Proceeds from Crime and Terrorist Financing as amended and other related acts, acts related to the adoption of the Act on the Registration of Beneficial Owners and Act No. 186/2016 Coll., on Gambling, as amended, entered into force. This Act amends also the Act No. 455/1991 Coll., on Trade Licensing (Trade Licensing Act), as amended.

The Trade Licensing Act includes now new ar

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New Act on Collection of Legal Regulations of Territorial Self-governing Units and Some Other Administrative Authority


On 3rd February 2021 Act on Collection of legal regulations of territorial self-governing units and some other administrative offices waspromulgated, which enters into effect on 1st January 2022. 

The objective of this Act is the establishment of legal certainty for addressees of regulations of territorial self-governing units, and so to create a Collection, where these rules will be published. 

Thus, the information system of legal rules will be established, in which a comprehensive modern database will

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Act on the Registration of Beneficial Owners – other sanctions


Act on the Registration of Beneficial Owners, which comes into effect on June 1, 2021, regulates besides offences also other sanctions which relate to non-registration of beneficial owner into the register of beneficial owners. This specific issue is analyzed in this news.

First of all, it is necessary to introduce private law sanctions, which are connected with participation of a shareholder in the company.

If the beneficial owner of a business corporation is not registered in the register of beneficial

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