Planned changes in road transport law


Following changes in road transport law (zákon o provozu na pozemních komunikacích) were adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic on August 17, 2020.

The most significant change is creation of a new category „beginner driver“. A driver will belong into this category for the first two years starting from receipt of the driver´s licence. The Czech Republic uses points-based system for traffic offences, in which driver loses their driver´s license once they acquire 12 points. Beginner drivers have this limit lowered to 6 points. Points-based system has also been simplified into 3 categories of offences (worth 2, 4 or 6 points according to severity) as opposed to current 5 categories of offences.

Both the lower and upper limit of fines for traffic infractions and misdemeanors were revised in order to increase the punishment for severe offences and lower the punishment for less severe ones.

An interesting amendment is the increase of the speed limit for highway. As opposed to current limit of 130 km/h, upcoming changes will allow 140 km/h through traffic signs.

The amendment is planned to come into effect from the year 2022 onwards. Nevertheless the changes have to be still adopted by the Parliament of the Czech Republic.