New Act on Waste


On 1/1/2021 has come into effect Act No. 541/2020 Coll., new waste act.

There were several reasons for adopting this legislation. Due to the fact that the old legal regulation has already been amended many times in order to comply with EU regulations, the Act became confusing, especially in the area of product take-back duty. Furthermore, the old legislation no longer complied with the legislative requirements for the regulation of offenses.

Now the „waste“ agenda is divided into several partial acts. This new legal regulation divided the current legal regulation into the just mentioned new „waste“ act and the act on end-of-life products. The old legislation was no longer sufficient for these products mentioned above.

The new regulation, unlike the old one, also newly regulates the issue of fees for deposit of waste in garbage dump and for municipal waste. Municipal waste fees are regulated by the special act on local fees.

Furthermore, one of the main changes are different requirments for scrap. Collection centre operators will be obliged to equip the scrapyard with camera system and keep the recording for 30 days. Furthermore, there will be stricter conditions for scrap using mobile scrap containers.

Also the issue of so-called black dumps is regulated. The relatively simple principle of "ownership bind" is used here. The Act regulates the issue of identifying a person, who is the owner of an illegally concentrated waste and the issue of ensuring that waste is removed and it is transfered to a facility determined for handling with waste.

New act regulates problematic regarding waste comprehensively and puts emphasis on the highest level of enviromental protection.