COVID-19 accelerated legislative changes for digital platforms of the Airbnb type in the Czech Republic


New obligation introduced for the agencies running the digital platform of the Airbnb type - to inform the municipal trade licensing office, at its request, of the number of concluded contracts for tourism services, the total price for these services, as well as the address of the place where guests stay and to identify the “landlord” using the services of the digital platforms.

Then it will be possible to pass the data on to another state control body, such as the Regional Public Health Authority, in order to track tourists (guests), mostly foreigners, if there is suspicion of the possibility of spreading an infectious disease.

In this way, the clients of the agency, who rent through the digital platform, are losing their anonymity and moreover it could generate further “side effects” for them (particularly obligations relating to the trade licensing, accommodation services or evidence of foreigners).  

The bill has been passed in a shortened legislative procedure on the basis of the governmental proposal using the existence of the stage of emergency in the country.